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Testimonials for Lost Guides – Bali

Anna’s book is a brilliant compendium of everything you go to Bali hoping to find: the lo-fi beach shacks, the smart little restaurants, the shops and the most deserted stretches of sand.
Issy von Simson, Deputy editor, Condé Nast Traveller UK.

My Bali Bible Lost Guides. Many of you guys ask me where to go and what to do in Bali! Save me some time and please get this guide from Lost Guides. It’s finally a travel guide for the stylish and unique places in Bali, the small hidden gems off the beaten track. As you know I’m not a big fan of huge resorts and always prefer the little boutique hotels with a certain charm. So if you are looking for tips for relaxed cafes, hip restaurants, stylish beach clubs, charming hotels (that don’t cost you an arm!), where to shop and what to do in Bali, do us all a favor and get your Bali Lost Guides. You can thank me later.Josephine, Travel Blogger, Phineloves.

It’s been a great trip, seeking out secluded beaches and the best pitaya bowls from Bingin to Seminyak, thanks in no small part to my unofficial guide Anna of Lost Guides -what a fabulous first edition! Always happy to see a small fish making a big splash in the print world!” Jessica Vahrenkamp, Editor, Design Anthology magazine.

Well done to the gorgeous Lost Guides for the most incredible guide book, essential reading for anyone going to Bali this year… Maybe this will have to be the year I finally get over there.” Lucy Williams, Travel & Fashion blogger, Fashion Me Now. 

Lost Guides Bali is the best travel guide I have come across for the region. The writer clearly knows Bali very well on a personal level – in fact when I took the guide to Bali with me, a lot of people I met living locally were amazed at some of the unique restaurants, surf spots, shops and bars that are included as they tend to be only known by those who have lived there for a while. It doesn’t have any of the generic recommendations you might find in other guides, but has evidently been thoroughly researched to create a guide that is full of ideas for travellers who want to find the hidden gems that Bali has to offer. On top of all of this, it’s also very attractive visually and has some beautiful photos of Bali inside – and it’s small and light and easy to bring with you! An absolute must read if you’re travelling to Bali. Simren, customer review.

I found this little gem of a guide book just before my first trip to Bali last year and thank goodness I did – I would have been lost without it! What I particularly liked about this guide is that it doesn’t inundate you with lots of generic information you can find on the internet, but rather includes a much more select collection of the best restaurants, bars, shops and places to stay in Bali, all personally recommended and reviewed by the author. In a place that attracts as many tourists as Bali, it is easy to make bad choices if you don’t know any better, but in two days I managed to visit many of the restaurants, bars and shops found in the Lost Guide and not a single one disappointed – I now can’t wait to try out some more on my next visit!” Steph, customer review.

From secret beaches, boutique retreats, foodie favourites and authentic artisans, here’s your guide to the best of Bali.

Cover photo by the talented underwater photographer Sea Gypsea.


An A5, full colour 144 page soft cover book filled with tried and tested travel recommendations for Bali, illustrated with original photography.


After starting this travel website, I now get asked on a daily basis for my travel tips and recommendations for Bali, so I thought that it was about time I did something about this! I’ve distilled all my tips down into this book to help you have an amazing time in Bali.

What’s in the guide?

  • A highly curated selection of places that I know you will love! I’ve been testing my tips and itineraries with like-minded travellers for the last year so I know what will float your boat.
  • Top travelling tips that I’ve sourced from locals in those in the know, including chefs, fashion designers, architects, surfers and photographers.
  • Secret beaches, boutique retreats, gorgeous Airbnb villas, cool cafes, foodie favourites, surf spots, traditional artisans – I’ll give you the best addresses on the island.
  • Practical and useful, the book is organised into neighbourhoods with maps and original photography to give you all the information that you need.
  • This guidebook is designed to be like having your best friend showing you around their favourite local hotspots!

How do I choose what goes in the book?

When deciding on what goes in the book, it’s firstly a matter of getting a feel of the place. I am naturally drawn to small, intimate places where you have the owners greeting you at the door and you can feel their hard work and passion in every aspect of their business. I love hearing a chef talk about their commitment to local sourcing, or an artist who has been passed on his skills from generation above him, and which he is now teaching to his children. I like to spend time in places that you feel has a soul.

Who should buy this book?

Stylish nomads who are interested in experiences rather than expenses, this book is design for today’s traveller who has eye for quality, design and authenticity. It’s for those that don’t want to blow a months rent on a night in a hotel room, nor stay at a uncomfortable backpacker hostel – they’re looking for those special places in between.

Preview of the book
Uluwatu Beach - Lost Guides Bali bookSeminyak - Lost Guides Bali book

Canggu - Lost Guides Bali bookUbud - Lost Guides Bali book

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