Little India: Exploring Singapore’s most Colourful neighbourhood

Little India Singapore

Little India: Exploring Singapore’s most Colourful neighbourhood.

Often when I ask people – both locals and visitors what their favourite area in Singapore is, Little India is a recurring answer. An antithesis to all that ‘Singapore’ is seen as – this pocket of a neighbourhood is slightly more Mumbai – chaotic, colourful and charming. You’ve got women sashaying in bright pink sarees, stalls of flower garlands meticulously being made by hand, vegetable of bright purple eggplants and green gouds piled high spilling into the streets, and my personal favourite aspect – the vibrant music of Singapore’s Hindu radio station blaring out from the mini marts.

I love wandering around the Little India neighbourhood, with Sundays being especially vibrant. Here are a few places that I try and stop by when I’m in the area.

Little India


Tekka Centre


Mustafa Centre


Buffalo Road

buffalo-road-little-india-singapore-lost-guides buffalo-road-market-little-india-singapore-lost-guides

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple


Sungei Road Thieves Market


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